On The Move (OTM) is dedicated to developing non-traditional leaders to address the most pressing and critical educational, social, health and economic inequities in our community. Beginning in 2004 OTM has lead the place-based leadership development program known as On The Verge (OTV) using unique strategies to support leadership in the nonprofit and public sectors.

Local communities depend on a strong continuum of services offered by both public agencies and nonprofit organizations. These services are essential to maintaining healthy cities and counties, however for the individuals working tirelessly to provide these services, exceptional challenges and a sense of under appreciation can lead to high levels of frustration and compassion fatigue. Faced with serious concerns related to talent retention and recruitment, OTV is a program that builds a specialized and practiced culture of mutual reliance, respect and support aimed at increasing workplace satisfaction, supporting personal growth and fostering a sense of pride among emerging leaders.

OTV uses a cohort model to provide individualized support to each group member. Non-traditional leaders including people of color, mothers that have been away from the workforce and those who may have been passed over for leadership opportunities are targeted for participation in OTV. The cohort is supported by two coaches, both alumni of past OTV cohorts, and consists of 10 – 12 people who are interested in examining the intersection between their personal, professional and intrapersonal selves and develop a true understanding and excitement for their own leadership potential. The cohorts meet monthly for two years developing a strong connection based on authentic relationships and establishing an ongoing support network that will remain a part of their lives as they navigate the struggles associated with leadership in the nonprofit and public sectors.

During their work together the cohort engages in a real-time community development project designed and implemented by the cohort members. Past community projects include: creating the Reach Institute that develops highly effective teachers to serve the diverse needs of every student; establishing VOICES Youth Centers, the first youth-led leadership development project targeting current and former foster youth; planning a hosting a series of town hall forums to engage and organize the community around issues related to educational inequity; and launching the McPherson Family Resource Center that partners with families to create opportunities for learning, advocacy social connection and community leadership.

Having supported 26 separate cohorts in 15 counties throughout California, OTV has proven to be an important element in creating diverse, satisfied and skilled leaders committed to the human services sectors. OTV leaders have experienced upward movement in their career paths, developed lasting relationships that sustain them through challenging times and carry with them a sense pride and accomplishment resulting from having contributed to lasting positive changes in their home communities.

OTV has supported the development of hundreds of qualified and dedicated leaders and looks forward to continuing and expanding this important work in communities throughout California.