etsuko kubo

Program Director

etsuko has been with On The Move since 2007. She started out as a member of the On The Verge cohort (cycle two) and has been with us ever since. etsuko brings over 18 years of education and nonprofit experience to the organization and has assisted On The Move in a number of capacities, including working with low-income youth and young adults, building community-based programs and schools focused on the next generation of public sector leaders in urban and rural communities of color. etsuko is currently the primary coach for numerous On The Verge cohorts of leaders from the fields of education, youth empowerment and development, social services, family strengthening, and neighborhood development. She lives in Richmond with her husband and two children. 


stephanie bio pic 1.jpg

Stephanie Davis

Program Coordinator

Stephanie joined the On The Move team in 2015 after studying psychology at Wells College in upstate New York. She is both the On The Move Executive Administrator and the Program Coordinator for On The Verge. In her role with On The Verge, she coordinates special projects, organizes events, and provides administrative assistance to the OTV cohorts. Stephanie is passionate about mental health issues, and having been born and raised in Napa County, she is thrilled to be able to give back to the community that gave her so much opportunity as a youth.

Leslie picture.jpg

Leslie Medine

Senior Fellow

Leslie is the co-founder of On The Move, but her passion to promote young leaders and create programs that address critical issues and inequities in our country started long before then. Since 2004, Leslie has played a variety of roles within the organization, including Executive Director. In her current role as Senior Fellow, Leslie works closely with On The Move’s Innovations Community Center and consults other OTM programs to help raise up the next generation of leaders within Napa and surrounding communities.